The Pantheon’s pantheon

JR's Pantheon #aupantheon

Paris pantheon and artwork by JR artist

For almost some years now, I am following with interest the work of JR, both for its component of Street-Art, but above all for its photographic side. For that “magic of memory”, typical photography strength, that leads us to remember and recognize unfamiliar situations. For this I follow  the Artwork of Jr with interest, I like, I really love it.
So, it is always luckily that I come across in his Artwork … I’m not looking for it, it seems to be looking for me.
Like today, for example, As I headed to Paris early in the morning, I take the train as always when I’m in Chaville to found pictures for my project “unexpeced city portraits”, when a free daily newspaper reminds me that today, yes Today morning,  JR opens his Pantheon right on Paris Pantheon.
Like many Italians, and not only, I love Paris.
As a photographer, I can not consider it one of the capitals of photography with its own style and its history.
And it is from this story that  JR draws his pantheon, an amazing Artwork, relevant especially for its revisiting the Pantheon’s idea in the history of French satire.
I see this as a the pursuit of a unique tradition in the spirit of French Photography.
The pantheon of Jr, however, it develops through the recognition of the today society, which is made up of ordinary people looking (in this case) to donate a presence of itself.
And this is what I love in this Artworks.
JR with a shadowless aesthetic, transports us into the eyes of the common people, people you meet in the tube everyday, but not in their expressions. In his project restores hope onto the face of strangers by donating, albeit for a brief moment, their presence to time.

Me as a photographer, I feel good when I portray works of this importance for the human memory.
This One (I think) is the first composite photo taken of this Pantheon’s pantheon by JR artist, the photoshoot was taken today, June 3 at 10:00 am in the morning.

Thank for sharing remebering that the image is copyrighted…

anyway as always visit my site at 3462 my personal showroom

Soon i’ll be produce more of these images… As i’m preparing the more images of “unexpected city portraits”…

soon very soon.



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