The Oak Cliff Viaduct & The Weird Composite Photo — 1912

I found this image astounding as well as the photographer creative intent.
This is sometimes called “to Lie” in photography, but the impact of the visual art it’s absolutely modern. And tis is to explain that technology could only help to improve result, the idea still remain an Human creative property.
interesting discussion could be opened with fotografia composita

Flashback : Dallas


First you take a photo of the beautiful new Oak Cliff Viaduct, above.

Then you take a photo of the Dallas skyline, below.


Then you put them together and get this Franken-photo!


It doesn’t look like any view of Dallas you’ve ever seen, but it still looks pretty damn cool.


All these panoramic photos are in the collection of the Library of Congress, all from the studio of Johnson & Rogers. The top photo has a copyright date of March, 1912, and the bottom two have copyright dates of August, 1912. See these panoramic photos (as well as one of the Buckner Orphan’s Home in 1911) on the Library of Congress site here.

Would this unusual composite have been done for a fanciful postcard or some other kind of promotional material (for the city or for the photographers)? Was it just done for fun? Tellingly, it’s the…

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